High in Fiber

A good option to eat flavorful and stay in shape

Organic agave syrup

We sweeten your day in a natural way and without raising your blood sugar levels

Fortified Flour

The key of why they are so nutritious is because they contain fortified flour with: vitamin B1, B2, B9, Folic Acid, Iron and Niacin, like this we take care of your health


Thanks to the prebiotic properties of inulin (soluble fiber), which stimulates intestinal flora and it fills you with energy for your day


Only 5% of the cranberries in the world are consumed fresh, prevents hermfull bacteria sticking onto the organism, strengthens the blood vessels and prevents eye problems


The cacao is chocolate’s soul, in ancient times, cacao was used as currency, it was named “Theobroma Cacao”, wich means “food of gods”